About Us

Come and enjoy a true Brazilian experience at Branca’s Restaurant.

We strive to beat the competition when it comes to Brazilian style buffet food at an affordable price, and we always surpass guest expectations time and time again. Our customers feel at home while dining at Branca’s Restaurant, thanks to service aimed at making people feel welcome. Nowhere else can diners expect Brazilian style food this good, with such high levels of attentive service that’s priced so inexpensively!

Our meals include the best recipes of Brazil from north to south. Simple and good, lean meats are hand cut and prepared to the owner’s high standards. The meat is seasoned well, and cooked on skewers over an open grill for the best grilled flavor anywhere. Cuts include beef, chicken, pork and lamb. Anyone from Brazil who is feeling nostalgic for a taste of home will thoroughly enjoy a meal at Branca’s Restaurant.

Let Branca’s Restaurant cater your next event. Whether you’re holding a meeting or special event such as a birthday party, baby shower or family reunion, Branca’s Restaurant is the answer to your needs. Our team of professionals will assist you in making it an event to remember.

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